Bachelor of Public Health


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Course Description

Public health professionals have an understanding of how factors such as gender, socioeconomic status and access to education can affect health. They apply this knowledge to develop and deliver health programs, services and policies that improve the health and wellbeing of entire populations. They may specialise in preventing the spread of disease, promoting health services, developing policies and practices that deliver fair and equitable health systems, creating safer work environments, investigating sustainable environmental practices, advocating for minority groups, or encouraging communities to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

This course offers the flexibility that allows you to concentrate your studies in areas that align with career opportunities. You will choose five elective units from areas that include community nutrition, Indigenous health, family and gender issues, health management and general studies in psychology. You may choose to tailor the program for further study and a career as a registered environmental health officer or occupational health and safety officer.

An understanding of the biological, social, cultural, economic and physical factors that underpin the health of a community can be applied to many health disciplines. You will be taught by professionals with backgrounds in medicine, nursing, research, policy development and health service management. Our graduates are strategic thinkers who can apply their knowledge to develop innovative solutions that create improved health and quality of life for everyone.

Many graduates work in local, state or national health departments. Their role may focus on health education and promotion, policy development, epidemiology, risk...

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During this course, you will complete 180 hours of professional placement. This provides an opportunity for you to work alongside industry professi...

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