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Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

QUT is a university based in sunny Queensland with its two campuses based in Brisbane - Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove.

Many of the courses for QUT incorporate or encourage placements or work-integrated learning which despite some preparation and organisation, are overall a positive feature for students based on their reviews.

We have a range of reviews across different topics, including Business, Engineering, Arts Humanities & Law, Engineering, Health and Science.

Some of the advice we receive from QUT reviews includes:
Prepare for classes and manage your time well - plan out the semester;
Get involved in extra Uni activities, clubs, sporting groups, societies, networking events, etc - you can get practical skills as well as making friends;
Putting in the extra effort pays off - whether that's completing extra problems or getting involved in societies relevant to your field;
Always attend class - it's going to be much easier spending time learning in class than trying to catch up later;
Check out employment options and opportunities before you finish and try to get some experience while studying;
Use your time at Uni to ask as many questions to Lecturers as you can - they have so much knowledge to share beyond class;
If you've got a placement opportunity associated with your course, apply/organise it early;
Make friends with your cohort - study groups can prove really useful.

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I did a civil engineering major -
Positives: lecturers mainly give very informed and interesting lectures and practical/real world examples as well as assignments

Negatives: there are group assignments in every unit which imo is a bit over the excessive and very frustrating when u get useless group members

My advice to future students is: make a lot of friends and connections for group assignments and internships

Completed in 2018

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I did the Computer and Software Systems Major -
Software aspects are challenging but fair
Intro programming course perfect difficultly for both newcomers and people who have programmed before
Engineering subjects alongside software units help to develop critical thinking
Need to do lots of self learning
Required to do electrical engineering units as part of course, not entirely relevant to a software engineer(?)

My advice to future students is: Start assignments early

Completed in 2018

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The positive part is it provides technical knowledge and the negative aspect is it is hard and less job opportunities due to the growth of robots in today's world..

My advice to future students is: Be smart

Completing in 2020

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-Engaging tutes
-Relevant course material

-Monotonous Lectures

My advice to future students is: Complete course content a week prior to it being taught.

Completed in 2017

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Positive - real world experiences and shows you how to do things when you get a job in the field
Negatives - too much work

My advice to future students is: Be prepared for the workload
Study hard because I failed a few subjects

Completed in 2017

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Positive - Lots of support available, the content is engaging, the lecturers/tutors/etc are all clearly passionate about their field. Great community

Cons - It can be overwhelming to have so many different areas open up to you so quickly. Keeping track of the classes your in, plus the extra support you're using, and any communities you've joined, can get difficult.

My advice to future students is: TIME. MANAGEMENT. Keep a diary/calendar. Fill in what you need to be doing each week, and *do the things*. Go to O-week and come to grips with the networks you have access to.

Also, recognise when you're not learning something and do something about it FAST. Content won't slow down just because you have. When you don't understand something in class, gorge yourself on other explanations of that thing until something clicks. Do it fast, because you have at most a week before that stuff is old news and you're onto newer and more complex stuff that relies on you understanding everything else.

Completing in 2022

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A degree that teaches you technical skills which have practical applications in the industry.

First year core subjects are sometimes too broad and unnecessary if you already know what discipline you would like to do

My advice to future students is: Take a gap year. Do it. You’ll come back better, more eager to learn and you’ll be a better student

Completing in 2020

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- You are certified to work as an engineer in any country around the world

- A lot of studying required and heavy use of programming softwares required

My advice to future students is: - Do a lot of sciences and maths in high school

Completing in 2021

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I majored in Civil Engineering

Positives: The course was flexible as i mixed and match which subject i completed in which years. I tried to group similar area together which seemed to help. Furthermore the university had some lecturers which had real industry experience and had run major construction companies for many years.

Negatives: Some of the courses didnt really have much real world relevance. looking back some of the subjects were irrelevant for where my career has gone after studying. the course would have been more beneficial with more online/remote abilities.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you get undergraduate experience within your industry very early during your studies to ensure you can tailor your study to suit where you want your career to go. furthermore early experience will allow you to understand what you are studying more relating it to the real world

Completed in 2013

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I'm majoring in Medical Engineering.

Positives: The Bachelor of Engineering at QUT gives you great experience in all aspects of engineering. From research, calculations, design, manufacturing and testing, the degree throws you right in there from the very first semester. Lecturers encourage joining the various engineering clubs available, which help to give students relevant industry exposure.

Negatives: The content, particularly in the mathematical based subjects, is very fast paced. If you miss one class or lecture, you miss a large amount of content, however it is easy enough to catch up online. Due to the large cohort, there isn't a huge amount of one-on-one help, so you need to be prepared to spend time outside of class to understand the concepts.

My advice to future students is: Try to keep up to date in the semester content, as it is easy to fall behind. The lecturers don't give you much information on the required work placement, so start applying as soon as you are eligible, as it can be difficult to find companies that are willing to take on students. Join the extracurricular clubs where you can, as they offer valuable industry connections and experience that you wouldn't otherwise get from the degree.

Completed in 2019

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