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RMIT University ratings

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The main campus of RMIT University is based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

We have a range of RMIT reviews across several topics including Art and Design, Business and Accounting, Engineering, IT and Software Engineering, Education and Nursing.

Common advice we hear from RMIT students in their reviews include:
Take up any extra activities whenever you can (particularly for Engineering & Design students);
Be prepared and committed to study;
Try to get ahead / do your pre-work and start things early;
Don't be afraid to access RMIT help services to get the most out of your course.

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I find Uni.. As a foreign student who always want to see more of the world but struggle in the level of general knowledge and language, not only survive in other countries, but also grow in 1 year, indicating that I have the ability to surpass wha...

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I found Uni.. I didn't enjoy it and wished it would end quicker, but I did learn important life skills like negotiating, planning, observing and delivering tasks on time

Positives: It taught me how to be more patient when dealing with others an...

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I find Uni.. Great!

Positives: The international experience

Negatives: Cultural difference

My advice to future students is: Be open minded, try new things and get out of your comfort zone

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I find Uni.. Fine but lack of skills

Positives: Overall it’s fine with the education aspect and I expect more from the lecturers that focus more on editing process

Negatives: Lack of updated cameras and equipment

My advice to future stude...

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I find Uni.. Im having a very good experience here, the environment, the class with interesting lecturers

Positives: Friendly lecturer, interesting class

Negatives: Expensive

My advice to future students is: Is a good uni

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I find Uni.. RMIT, fine if you are in city campus, not many care about the students studying in the campus out of Melbourne CBD.

Positives: Students can get a Dr. title after graduate from this course. Chiropractic is one of the primary medical...

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Overall, I found with Uni, learning on my own was more beneficial for me compared to the classes

Positives: networking. collaborating with course mates

Negatives: not the program outline i signed up for

My advice to future students is: st...

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Positives: They prepared us with many different types of assignments and challenges so that we would get a glimpse of what it is like in the working world. They also kept us up to date with every assignments and was very passionately teaching us a...

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Positives: I love how the course is preparing me for real life situations in my future jobs. They gave me many on hand experience and also knowledge on how to handle things.

Negatives: The only negative aspects i could think of is maybe the ass...

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Positives: They provide us with many practical work to prepare us for the future where we have to work with clients and such. They also taught us many things that was necessary for us to know before we go into the working field in our respective d...

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