Bachelor of Science (Applied Science) / Bachelor of Business (Management) RMIT University

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Bachelor Degree
4.0 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
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Course Description

This program combines studies in applied sciences and business management to prepare graduates for changing roles as they progress through their scientific career and into management.

Graduates will be knowledgeable in their major field of study and will be able to work in both scientific and management roles.

You will have the technical skills needed to be a practising scientist and the business skills to be an effective manager and leader - a highly attractive combination for employers.

Your management degree will give you a broad knowledge base of business management, and the applied science component allows you to specialise in one of six majors allowing you the flexibility to create an individualised degree.


Biological sciences
Environmental science
Food science


There are very few organisations that do not employ science graduates. Depending on your area of study and your interests you could end up working in:

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Industry Connections

You will have the opportunity to work on research projects and practical activities, often undertaken in collaboration with industry.

The final-...

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Student Reviews

July 2018
Year completed 2021

Positives: Good lecturers (some) and very helpful staff. A non-exam oriented syllabus and various technology

Negatives: Some bad lecturers, random timetabling. Intrusion from other uni

My advice to future students is: This is the place to be if you want a more practical and handsdown approach compared to some other univ...

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