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My course was awesome I loved every moment of it, the lectures and lecturers were awesome it is a shame I had to drop due to personal issues and financial struggles however if I could go back I would love to.

My advice to future students is: no matter the struggle no matter the pain it is worth it in the end dont give up your future is worth more than your ego, or social life

Completed in 2017

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Positives: It is very hands on and is 3/4 practical tasks as opposed to theory! I have a disability and the uni have been able to adapt to my needs very effectively

Negatives: It starts on a basis of you knowing nothing about the discipline you’re studying, so as somebody who already knows quite a lot about film, the first few weeks were quite boring

My advice to future students is: Go for it! You don’t have to get a certain OP to get in, just show genuine enthusiasm and commitment!

Completing in 2020

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