Bachelor of Community Services

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Bachelor Degree
3 Years Full-Time
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Course Description

The Bachelor of Community Services is a fully accredited Australian higher education degree. The course is designed to prepare you for ethical, competent, and culturally relevant community service generalist practice and to equip you with the skills you need for life-long learning and professional development. You will work at the interface between people and their environments, focusing on experiences of individuals, families, groups and communities. Some ares of service provision may include child welfare, hospice and palliative care, juvenile justice and corrections and advocacy.

You will be exposed to the theory and values base of human services practice, as well as the knowledge and necessary skills required to work as a professional at a managerial level in the community services sector. You will have the necessary foundation knowledge and skills in community services management to continue to a relevant post-graduate higher education program at a university or a private education provider.


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