Bachelor of Behavioural Studies

Swinburne University

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Course Description

The Bachelor of Behavioural Studies with a major in Psychological Studies provides students with the knowledge and skills to understand and explain human behaviour. The major commences with a broad introduction to basic psychological elements and concepts. Later in the course, specialised studies in wellbeing; adolescence; trauma; counselling; sports and health are undertaken.

Graduates in Psychological Studies would be highly sought after by a wide range of organisations in both the public and private sector, for example, human services as research officers, human resource management and personnel, marketing and advertising personnel, in policy development, general research, welfare, community and youth work, and evaluation of community and human services.

This course is not accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). This course does not provide an accredited pathway towards registration as a psychologist in Australia. Students with a specific interest in becoming a psychologist should view the APAC-accredited Bachelor of Psychological Sciences also available through Open Universities Australia.



Graduates in Behavioural Studies majoring in Psychological Studies are highly sought after by a wide range of organisations in both the public and private sector,...

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