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All students of the Bachelor of Science study a set of core interdisciplinary Science courses including experimental design, maths, biology, chemistry and ecology. These courses provide the basis for strong skills in scientific investigation, including data collection and analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and effective communication and also ensure versatile graduates. These skills are highly sort after by employers and applicable to many workplaces both within and outside of the field of Science.

Building on these core Science courses, you will deepen your study of Science by selecting a Science Steam that matches your interests: Biology & Environment, Environment & Heritage, Human & Medical Science, or Multidisciplinary Science. Each Stream ensures in-depth knowledge and skill development through practical hands-on experience in the classroom, the laboratory, and in the field.

With guidance from our expert staff, you have the flexibility to further tailor your experience. You can use this flexibility to strengthen your scientific expertise by completing a Major in Archaeology, Environmental Management or Biology. Alternatively, you may incorporate greater breadth of perspective and experience by studying courses from one or more areas of secondary interest, such as Journalism, Film & Screen Production, Politics and International Relations, Social Justice, Business Studies, Behavioural Science or Preventative Health.

To ensure you are job-ready, this degree builds in career education, authentic industry experiences and a six-week professional placement with an organisation...

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Biology & Environment
Environment & Heritage
Human & Medical Science
Multidisciplinary Science


Career opportunities are diverse and depend on the Science Stream you choose.

Combining complementary study areas can strengthen career prospects and provide...

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Student Reviews

August 2018
Year completed 2022

I'm doing a Bachelor of Science with a Bachelor of Arts (Double Major).

Positives: Bachelor of science:
1. The teachers and lectures are friendly and kind, but still professional and experts in their field
2. The course content is up to date (e.g. molecular and cell biology) with recent updates and developments in each f...

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