Bachelor of Criminology

University of Adelaide

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Course Description

Criminology is the study of crime and society’s responses to it. The Bachelor of Criminology equips students to use their ‘criminological imagination’, and critical and creative thinking, to solve crime-related problems and improve justice outcomes.

Students study the causes and consequences of crime, focusing on areas such as deviancy, policing, the court and corrections systems, and corporate and transnational crime. They also explore the connections between power, social inequality and exposure to the criminal justice system, and investigate their impact on diverse individuals and groups.

Students consider the way crime is represented in our culture, and the influence this has on policy and public opinion; and develop the analytical skills to understand current debate. They gain insight into new and existing antisocial behaviour as a result of technological advances, such as cyber threats and online criminal behaviour, and they learn how local and global justice systems work.

Graduates emerge ready to use their skills and knowledge to help prevent and control the crime problems facing contemporary society.

Forensic Medicine (minor only)


Police Officer
Intelligence Officer

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A Global Learning Experience is an integral component to your academic journey at The University of Adelaide. The university is committed to offeri...

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