Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum)/Bachelor of Science

University of Adelaide

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Bachelor Honours Degree
5.0 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
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Course Description

This program combines the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum) and the Bachelor of Science, to equip graduates with a multidisciplinary yet complementary skill-set and broad expertise that can be applied to a range of complex challenges.

In this combined degree program, students study the concepts of petroleum engineering, and undertake a Geology and Geophysics and Applied Geology double major as part of the Bachelor of Science component. The degree builds a strong foundation of mathematics, physics, geology/geophysics, computer applications and engineering.

With designated courses from both disciplines counted towards the combined degree program, the degree can typically be completed in five years (full-time), compared with seven years if undertaken separately.

A combined degree is an approved combination of two degrees, which includes components from both programs and satisfies the minimum of one of those degree programs but not both individual degrees (unlike a double degree). At the end of the combined degree, students will graduate with one parchment.

Combining two areas of study offers graduates not only a more diverse experience at university, but also greater scope of career prospects.

Mining Engineer, Oil and Gas Analyst, Petroleum Exploration, Drilling Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Seismologist, Geophysicists

Additional Information
As part of the engineering degree, students are required to complete 12 weeks of approved practical experience.


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