Master of International Business

University of Adelaide

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Masters Degree
1.4 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
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Course Description

The Master of International Business is a comprehensive degree program that develops conceptual and practical skills necessary for effective operational and strategic responses to complex dynamic global forces at the organisational and interpersonal levels. These skills are in high demand by organisations that deal with the challenges and opportunities created by the increasing globalisation of the world economy. With a combination of foundation and specialised courses, the program is designed to meet the needs of entrants from either a business degree, seeking to advance their skills and knowledge in the field of international business, or those from a non-business background who wish to develop a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge in a new field. There is also a specialised research stream for those interested in developing advanced research skills.

The program aims to give graduates a competitive edge by making them career ready and by providing options such as internships with local or international organisations and a number of international study options, including double Master's degree with partner European universities.

A Global Learning Experience is an integral component to your academic journey at the University of Adelaide. The Master of International Business offers numerous overseas opportunities that provide students with global perspectives, experiences and networks.

Business Development Manager, Policy Adviser, Entrepreneur, Export / Import trade, Strategist, Manager / Business Management, Management Consultant, Market...

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Additional Information

Students are able to spend one year studying at the University of Adelaide and one year in Europe and receive two degrees by completing the SCRIB...

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