Graduate Diploma in Psychology

University of Melbourne

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Graduate Diploma
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Course Description

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology consists of eight compulsory subjects and two elective subjects. These ten subjects comprise of the three-year undergraduate sequence accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). In the third year, students choose two electives which allow them to study an area of interest in depth.

100 Level psychology subjects are designed to give students an overview of the study of psychology and provide grounding in the methodology of the discipline.

200 and 300 Level psychology subjects provide students with the opportunity to critically examine basic psychological concepts and theories in the areas of biological bases of behaviour, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, sensation and perception, and social and personality psychology. Students also develop skills in research methodology and data analysis. In the third year, students choose two electives which allow them to study an area of interest in depth.

Graduate Diploma in Psychology students participate in the normal lectures and classes of psychology undergraduate students. Unlike our undergraduates, Graduate Diploma students only have to complete the ten subject sequence, and do not need to take additional subjects in other disciplines. All psychology subjects at the University of Melbourne include a laboratory/tutorial component in addition to a lecture program.

Offers versatile career pathways to work as a registered psychologist, undertake Phd research and become an academic, or to simply to gain an understanding on...

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Accredited by The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.


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