Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

University of New England

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Bachelor Honours Degree
4.0 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
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Course Description

The Bachelor of Psychology with Honours is our premier course designed for high-performing students who are aiming for a professional career in Psychology. It is an accredited, integrated, four-year course that requires a high ATAR for initial entry. However you can also transfer to this course from other courses, such as the Bachelor of Psychological Science, with sufficient grades in first and second year Psychology. Completion of the course allows associate membership of the Australian Psychological Society and the process of professional registration to begin.

The first three years of the course build a foundation in Psychology, including units as diverse as Social Psychology (the study of human social behaviour), Biopsychology (the study of the brain), Psychological Assessment (conducting tests of human abilities and skills), and Psychopathology (the study of mental illness). In addition, an optional Minor in Criminology is available within the first three years. The fourth year is an integrated Honours year, in which you specialise in areas of study that match your strengths and career interests. The Honours year (which may be done part-time) includes components on psychological testing, clinical interviewing and interventions, ethics, research skills, and an elective reading unit. Students also complete a supervised research thesis.

Positions in professional practice as a psychologist, business psychology, human resource management, social research, policy advising, university research and...

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Additional Information

Candidates may elect to include a work experience unit in their program. This component equips students with hands-on practical experience in the f...

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