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University of Newcastle - UON ratings

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The University of Newcastle is based in Callaghan, Newcastle which is north of Sydney in New South Wales. They also have campuses in Ourimbah, Singapore and Sydney.

We have student reviews of Newcastle Uni across a wide range of topics including Commerce, Engineering, Arts & Law, Education, Health, IT & Science. Bachelor degrees in Engineering, Medicine and Nursing are well rated courses offered by the University.

Here are some of the common bits of feedback from students in our University of Newcastle reviews:
Time management is key (particularly Engineering, Nursing and Medicine);
Immerse yourself in Uni / course - attend all your tutorials/labs, etc - it's the best way to learn and impacts your results;
Try to chat to teachers and ask questions or get feedback;
Organise placements early and make the most of them;
Read the course book and understand exactly what you're getting into;
Get involved in Uni life, activities, clubs, societies - it's a great way to make friends and in some cases practical exposure.

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I majored in Civil engineering.

I find Uni.. ALRIGHT

Positives: Good prospectus

Negatives: No parking

My advice to future students is: Get better parking lots

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I found Uni.. My experience with UON was positive. I felt I studied a broad range of subjects and was suitably equiped by the university to do well in these. The ICT facilities supported a work/study life (open 24/7) and I was offered a within wee...

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I find Uni.. Its good, little tough as I live overseas without my parents, so I gotta hustle to get things done.

Positives: The course was diverse, some of the courses are advance so it is quite interesting to learn new things.

Negatives: Th...

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Positives: Lots of variety of jobs, great range of subjects to enrol in, lots of fun

Negatives: Can’t really think of any

My advice to future students is: Think about what your interested in and choose electives and subjects based on that so...

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I'm majoring in Civil Engineering.

Positives: Civil course provides a challenge to individuals who are seeking to understand the environment around us and provide a scientific answer and solution to most problems

Negatives: Sometimes the cou...

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Positives: It’s a practical course, where you get not only learn the content needs to teach but the skills to teach in your area of study

Negatives: We need more practice with lesson plans and lesson management as well as unit plans

My advic...

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Positives: Learning how to become an educator, learning strategies in order to teach effective classrooms and also making like-minded friends

Negatives: I sometimes find content is a bit irrelavant

My advice to future students is: Immerse yo...

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Positives: It’s interesting and the workload is manageable as well as being all online so if you miss a lecture it is easy to catch up

Negatives: There have been a few times when the lectures have been cancelled and we haven’t been informed. As...

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I'm majoring in Civil.

Positives: This course make you work hard for a good mark. It is very rewarding at the end of the day.

Negatives: Sometimes it can get too much in terms of work load and difficulty.

My advice to future students is: ...

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Positives: The subject matters are fascinating to me. I'm learning things about human behaviour and cognition that i never would have imagined. A lot of things I learn make other things in life make a lot more sense, in terms of the way people act...

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