Bachelor of Design (Architecture) University of Newcastle - UON

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Course Description

Our design students learn about more than the art, technology and business of architecture - we challenge them to think laterally and explore their potential as agents for change. UON architects don't just learn to design and shape the physical spaces of our cities and buildings; they study how to use architecture to stimulate the places we live and work, engage the community and improve our world.

Once a heavy industry hub, Newcastle is shifting into a creative innovation centre, offering a unique space for resourceful, transformative architectural practice. Through live projects in our city and beyond, you’ll develop design principles that emphasise social, economic and environmental sustainability. You’ll invest time in developing a deep understanding of each site you work on. You will become a consultative problem solver, remaining engaged with our challenging future, learning how to develop human and purposeful architecture.

On completion of this degree you’ll be able to work as an architectural technician, drafter, manager, facilitator or designer in public and private architectural...

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Additional Information

Engage in live projects with NSW Urban Growth and Renew Newcastle through hands-on projects and public exhibitions. Collaborate with organisations ...

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Student Reviews

August 2018
Year completed 2019

Positives: It’s a practical based course so not always sitting in a room learning.
It also helps enhance one’s creativity

Negatives: That they don’t give much time to slower learners. It’s always go go go

My advice to future students is: I’d tell them to make relationships with people in class who they can help and can...

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