Bachelor of Information Technology

University of Queensland - UQ

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Bachelor Degree
3.0 years Full-Time
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Course Description

Students study information & communications technology (ICT) for a variety of reasons - to be a computing professional, to use ICT to be a better scientist, or to empower themselves to better understand the technology behind many of today's careers. Increasingly, employers see an ICT qualification as a sign of academic well-roundedness. ICT drives innovations such as the human genome project, vaccine research, environmental modelling. Key ICT areas include cyber security, mobile computing, cloud computing, and data analytics. Independent job market surveys show that demand for graduates is escalating, along with salaries. Industry is concerned about a shortage of talent.

The BInfTech builds on a solid foundation in software and hardware and through flexible study plans allows students to specialise if desired. The available majors are Computer Systems and Networks, Enterprise Information Systems, Software Design, Software Information Systems, and User Experience (UX) Design.

With teaching informed by the latest research, the program is project-focused. Students study programming languages, algorithms and information structure and develop the ability to process data or information in order to solve problems. Besides technical skills, students learn team dynamics, presentation skills and project management. There is significant industry input and opportunities for industry placements and internships. It is possible to gain credit for industrial certification courses licensed by major commercial software developers.

Computer Systems and Networks, Enterprise Information Systems Dual Major, Software Design, Software Information Systems, User Experience Design


Computer programmer, Software consultant, Information technology applications specialist, Computer science researcher, Systems analyst, Systems developer, Systems...

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