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Positives: No matter how much you might not want hear it, the teachers are honest. Which helped me learn and grow.

Negatives: Really just small things like printers being a pain. Some of the other students in my course. It’s a struggle to find ...

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Positives: • Experience working in the sporting industry
• One of the only sport management related courses in South Australia
• Learning core business subjects along with specific sport subjects

Negatives: • Not enough related to sport
• 1...

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I'm doing this course online.

Positives: Freedom to study independently in my own time frames.

Negatives: Information overload in some weeks. Too much information worked on in one week for it to sink in properly.

My advice to future stude...

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Positives: I enjoy that there are always people available to help us out when in need. The course outline for each subject clearly state what needs to be done and how you will be graded.

Negatives: I don't think I could name any.

My advice t...

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26 Apr 2018

Positives: It teaches you to learn all of the skills you need for your future studies.

Negatives: Some of the subjects are not what I want to do in the future

My advice to future students is: To make sure they attend all of the workshops, tu...

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Positives: The course provides pre-service teachers will relevant information needed to pursue a career in teaching. They don't sugar coat anything and tell students exactly how it is. The course offers many support facilities for students who are...

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Positives: There’s a lot of freedom to do what you want. There are opportunities to work in many visual arts areas for electives, and then have freedom to choose your project in your final year. The art facilities are great, they’re facilities you...

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Positives: Learning can be applied to real life situations.
Also most subjects link in with eachother

Negatives: The expectations of us as students

My advice to future students is: Be organised

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Positives: Very interactive. Not just reading, theory, and doing assignments. Also incorporates hands on and practical work

Negatives: Can’t think of any at this given time

My advice to future students is: Just make sure to do all the readin...

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Positives: friendly staff whom help achieving success within the course, structured course thats easy to follow and manage, & lots of practical work to help prepare us for placement

Negatives: i can’t think of one negative aspect in this course...

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University of South Australia - UniSA
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