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Positives: Lecturers were good, facilities solid

Negatives: Some tutors and access to books in library

My advice to future students is: Stick at it!

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Positives: The course was able to be completed via distance which helped with my work/life balance. In addition, I was able to complete the degree in quadrimesters and completed a full time load by undertaking 2 subjects per quadrimester (for 8 t...

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I did this course online.

Positives: Easy to learn

Negatives: Online so collaboration with other students can be difficult sometimes

My advice to future students is: Try you never know

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Positives: Relatively flexible study options and good, real world assignments

Negatives: Fees and charges

My advice to future students is: Work at your assignments

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Positives: Flexible study options and good, real world assignments

Negatives: Text books are expensive and there are new volumes every year so you can buy/sell them second hand

My advice to future students is: Set a study schedule and stick ...

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Positives: Ability to study via correspondence, at time that suits. Lectures & resources all available online. Lectures are quick to respond to questions

Negatives: Unable to review exam in person when studying external to uni location. Online ...

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Positives: Interesting aspects of the course as I enjoy learning about tourism and managing events.
I like also being able to study 'core business subjects' as this gives me a range of knowledge in the business industry.

For example, I like be...

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Positives: This course has great pathways as business and marketing are required components for many jobs.

It is perfect for students that are not fully aware of what job they would like to obtain in the future and this course includes all the ...

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Positives: • Experience working in the sporting industry
• One of the only sport management related courses in South Australia
• Learning core business subjects along with specific sport subjects

Negatives: • Not enough related to sport
• 1...

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I'm doing this course online.

Positives: Freedom to study independently in my own time frames.

Negatives: Information overload in some weeks. Too much information worked on in one week for it to sink in properly.

My advice to future stude...

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University of South Australia - UniSA
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68 reviews