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Positives: The class sizes are significantly smaller so if you need help the lecturer will generally help you with pretty much anything! The campus is gorgeous and the course itself is very interesting

Negatives: The workload is obviously the most negative part as you have to be willing to give up about 10 hours per subject per week!

My advice to future students is: Study hard and follow your dreams! It may seem hard and pointless but it’ll be worth it in the end

Completing in 2020

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I'm studying at Fraser Coast.

Positives: The positive aspects of the course include, learning about how many different theories and aspects go into business and it's not just about selling products.

Negatives: The negative aspect is that all classes have a lot of reading and tutorial questions that are expected to be done on top of assignments

My advice to future students is: Manage your time well, always come to your tutorials, and make friends as you'll need them

Completing in 2021

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Positives: The study load is less than other unis I believe

Negatives: Some lecturers don't communicate clearly

My advice to future students is: Make sure you are 100% about what you want to study. I've seen people come in unsure and leave 1 day into the degree

Completing in 2022

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Positives: It offers valuable life and work skills that can be used across any career, down to earth lecturers, is a great course if you are unsure of what you want to do because it opens a lot of doors and opportunity

Negatives: The course content is challenging and full on

My advice to future students is: Buy your textbooks as early as possible and follow the study schedule every week so you don’t fall behind!

Completing in 2021

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Positives: the course is very relevant to the real world. It is easy to relate it to real life experiences. The course is online which is convenient

Negatives: the online lectures are sometimes lacking detail relevant to the assessment

My advice to future students is: Keep up to date with the course and ensure attend the workshops

Completed in 2018

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Good communication and teaching.

I found that the exams are too strict (or not enough guidance given)

Completed in 2019

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