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Course Description

Whether you want to learn a new language or study a new culture, explore great books, ideas or minds, discover the past, analyse the present or consider the shape of the world's future, the Bachelor of Arts will expand your horizons and challenge you to think outside the box.

Offering broad choice across more than 45 subject areas in the humanities and social sciences, no two arts degrees are quite the same. You will study a major and a minor, choosing both from our broad choice across the humanities and social sciences, or selecting your minor from the University's shared pool.

Whatever your focus, when you undertake our Bachelor of Arts degree you will be guided by the expertise of an internationally respected group of educators. With arts and humanities at the University of Sydney consistently recognised as among the top 20 faculties globally in academic rankings, our Bachelor of Arts degree is both highly regarded and well supported by research leaders.

Study with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will hone your analytical skills and help you become an independent thinker, able to form and articulate judgements based on argument and evidence. Our graduates are in high demand from a broad range of employers, with career options as varied as the degree itself. Our alumni are invariably known for their ability to challenge assumptions, communicate effectively, research diligently and synthesise complex information to reach their goals.

As a reflection of our global outlook, you will be encouraged to take advantage of extensive exchange opportunities with leading universities overseas. A number of our majors offer internship placements, enabling you to develop your networks and gain invaluable work experience before graduation.


Agricultural and Resource Economics
American Studies
Ancient Greek
Ancient History
Arabic Language and Cultures
Art History

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Examples depend on majors and include:

art historian
business administrator or manager
editor or publisher

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Arts University of Sydney based on 6 reviews
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Student Reviews

August 2018
Year completed 2017

Positives: There are many positives aspects
The people there at Sydney really care for you and try to help in anyway possible

The students are open minded and very kind to people and accept people

And it’s very diverse

Negatives: Not everyone cares so much sometimes people don’t do the work and make the other gro...

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July 2018
Year completed 2008

Positives: Good course selection with flexibility

Negatives: Minimal interaction with other students

My advice to future students is: Get organized very early in the academic year

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July 2018
Year completed 2017

Positives: Though I never went on exchange, I liked the fact that exchange was included in the degree. I liked the wide variety of majors available and the fact that you could do multiple. Courses were usually interesting.

Negatives: The required language courses (at least mine, French) didn't focus enough on conversation....

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July 2018
Year completed 2014

Positives: The most positive aspects of the course it allows for a lot of freedom of what you want to study. I could study Sociolinguistics, sociology, psychology, history, anthropology all in one course, so it was just a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge that an otherwise more specialised course (e.g. pharmacy) would ...

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May 2018
Year completed 2020

The university has good food and it is conveniently located near the inner city suburban area. Due to this, you can visit the city for extra curricular fun.

Down side is that tutors can be very arrogant and non-univeristy students steal spots in the libraries.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you know highe...

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April 2018
Year completed 2014

Positive-wide selection of different courses and possible majors.

Negative- needed further (more specific) tertiary qualification

My advice to future students is: Take time to figure out what it is you would like to do

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