Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies

University of Sydney

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Course Description

The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies opens up a world of opportunity. Whether you dream about joining the cutting edge of research, gaining analytical and critical thinking skills or want to help make the planet a better place, a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies will give you highly sought-after skills for a huge range of careers.

Bachelor of Advanced Studies Streams

You can undertake the 'parent' version of the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, or you may be interested in undertaking one of the streamed versions of the course:

Animal and Veterinary Bioscience
Food & Agribusiness
Medical Science
At Sydney you will join the science faculty that's ranked first in Australia in terms of scientific output (ranked first by SCImago for the past 6 years). You will be taught by dedicated scientific thinkers, including members of the Australian Academy of Science, Australian Research Council Fellows and prestigious prize winners. You will study in world-class facilities, including the multimillion-dollar Sydney Nanoscience Hub and the Charles Perkins Centre, with its focus on diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

With more than 40 scientific majors, programs and streams to choose from in the sciences, plus a pool of shared majors from across the university and a flexible degree plan, the four-year Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies allows you to find your own path.

In your first year, you"ll gain essential knowledge in the fundamental sciences with broad subjects, including mathematics, and the option to choose units outside of the sciences. In second and third years you will specialise in your chosen stream, with the option to take subjects from across the University.

Throughout the four years of the Bachelor of Advanced Studies you will complete a second major as well as studies from a range of disciplines in which you will undertake advanced coursework and get involved in cross-disciplinary, community, professional, research or entrepreneurial project work.

Anatomy and Histology
Animal Health, Disease and Welfare
Animal Production
Applied Medical Science
Behavioural Sciences
Biochemistry and Molecular...

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Our science graduates are found in a broad range of roles and careers, including: agricultural scientist, astronomer, biosecurity researcher, ecologist,...

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