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Bachelor of Science University of Tasmania - UTas

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Bachelor Degree
3.0 years Full-Time
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Course Description

If you enjoy being challenged, consider yourself an innovator, and are passionate about shaping the world around you, our newly updated Bachelor of Science provides a gateway to an exciting world of rewarding careers.

The University of Tasmania’s new science degree provides you with a foundation of core skills in science, analysis and rational thinking, and entrepreneurship. You have options to focus your study in one or more scientific disciplines, and learn the methods to apply your skills and knowledge to the practical needs of industry, business and government in both scientific and non-scientific roles.

In choosing a Bachelor of Science you can:
Build a degree that is tailored specifically to your own needs: select your major and minor subjects from 17 different disciplinary areas.
Try new subjects without the pressure of long-term commitment and discover potential new areas of interest.
Learn through hands-on practical experience including laboratory work, field trips, field-based units and research projects.
Enjoy being mentored by highly qualified staff, many of whom are national and world leaders in their field.


Aquatic Biology Major
Biochemistry Major
Chemistry Major
Computer Science Major
Ecology Major
Food Safety Major
Genetics (BSc)
Geographic Information...

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A career in science can be in any industry on earth. Some jobs and industries include:
Agricultural science and food...

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Additional Information

Our new degree is built with practical experience in mind. Field trips, specialist facilities and laboratories, work integrated learning, industry ...

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Science University of Tasmania - UTas based on 2 reviews
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Student Reviews

August 2018
Year completed 2020

Positives: A lot of freedom to choose units within major and minor as well as student electives.

Negatives: Compolsary breadth units that really don't help you with your degree at all. (Though I believe they have changed some of this now)

My advice to future students is: Read up on all the units before you enrol. Don't ...

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May 2018
Year completed 2018

Positives: It allows me to connect with people of similar interest, open up opportunity in areas i May have never had access to without this course

Negatives: The cost of completing this course

My advice to future students is: To ensure they are financially stable before entering a uni course as there are many expenses ...

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