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University of Technology Sydney - UTS ratings

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Positives: Some very interesting and engaging subjects

Negatives: Some complex and disengaging subjects that are hard to follow

My advice to future students is: Involve yourself as much as possible in extracurricular activities (eg mooting)

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Positives: The standard of education is generally quite high. Most of the courses have great practical applications

Negatives: A small few of the lecturers do not have great English and make it difficult to learn effectively

My advice to future students is: Stay engaged with the subjects throughout the semester

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August 2018
Year completed 2017

Positives: The money from the scholarship, friends and connections you make, internships provided as part of the course

Negatives: Not enough technical subjects, repeated content through the subjects

My advice to future students is: Learn more technical stuff through your electives, at your internships, or in your own time

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July 2018
Year completed 2017

Positives: There are a range of majors and sub major subjects to choose from. Uni tutors and lecturers had a diverse range of industry experience, which meant I was able to relate the theory back to the real word.

What I also liked about the course was that the subject content and subjects offered were relevant to keep up...

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July 2018
Year completed 2008

Positives: At UTS there a new lab facilities which are fantastic to learn in! The teachers are amazing as well. I love the practical side of nursing it’s so engaging.

Negatives: The classes are a smaller size so depending on the individuals that are in the class the contribution can at times be minimal which I find effects...

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Positives: My course gives students the opportunity to work in the legal field, particularly international law, as well as develop analysis and research skills which can be useful and applicable to many job opportunity’s in general.

Negatives: The assessments can become overwhelming and there is a lot of reading involved s...

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July 2018
Year completed 2019

Positive- Lots of career options, flexible study load, great campus location. My course is also very high in demand, has good job opportunities and a high employability rate and competitive salaries. Does not require background in IT.

Negative- n/a

My advice to future students is: This degree is a great opportunity to g...

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Positives: I highly recommend this course due to its well structured curriculum. The course itself is very hands on and it allows you to engage with the creative and design process when working as a graphic designer or visual merchandiser. The course is heavily project based which means no exams!! Early on in the course they ...

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Positives: The capstone subject is meant to give you experience in your field.

The hours are flexible.

Negatives: The capstone subject gives you experience, but is insufficient to start your career with, volunteering and internships

Many subjects are not related to your career, and do not correlate to careers outside...

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Positives: I enjoy learning about a foreign country and the different culture and language aspects of another country (France).
A bachelor of laws helps develop your analytical and research skills. One of the most positive aspects about a bachelor of laws included the analysis of cases as it can provide a very interesting a...

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