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University of Western Australia - UWA ratings

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The University of Western Australia (UWA) has a main campus in Perth as well as an additional in Albany.

We have a range of advice from University of Western Australia reviews including:
Research your future industry and try to get placements/volunteering work related to it;
You need to consistently keep at your study to get the most out of it - don't fall behind;
Participate in class and speak/ask q's to lecturers and tutors wherever possible.

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Positives: I feel that my course was really informative and I enjoyed the lectures as well as the practical lab sessions

Negatives: The only negative aspect was I was not aware that after graduation I was not eligible to apply for medical scientist registration under aims

My advice to future students is: Probably for them to do more research on what they can do with their qualification and then decide on which course they should start with

Completed in 2011

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Positives: The positive aspects is that most of the units I've done so far are fairly organised. In the beginning of the semester they do a little revision or post revision lectures just to get everyone up to speed with the content. The unit outline is also really good as it is detailed and lets you know what they expect and what they want from you.

Negatives: Negative aspect is that some of the units are held at the Octagon theatre and it is so difficult to type or take hand written notes as there are no desks. The unit BIOL1130 is quite boring because it is basic and at times disorganised.

My advice to future students is: persevere through the disorganised units as they can become frustrating to deal with because the later courses are much more exciting and rewarding.

Completing in 2020

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