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University of Western Australia - UWA ratings

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The University of Western Australia (UWA) has a main campus in Perth as well as an additional in Albany.

We have a range of advice from University of Western Australia reviews including:
Research your future industry and try to get placements/volunteering work related to it;
You need to consistently keep at your study to get the most out of it - don't fall behind;
Participate in class and speak/ask q's to lecturers and tutors wherever possible.

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UWA is extremely disorganised when it comes to helping students out. Sure, they have great staff and teachers who really know their stuff, but they really don't have good organisation.

My advice to future students is: Don't go to UWA

Completed in 2018

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Heaps of assistance from staff both in person and online, intriguing course material that relates to real life practices.

My advice to future students is: Make use of the study assistance programs

Completed in 2019

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There are many positives of my course yet there are a few negatives that are more related to the university that I'm at.

The course is very rewarding and offers many services for me to use in my spare time. This includes lab materials and tools that I can use to make stuff that I desire. Most of the units I have completed have been very well run yet there are a few that have been very poor.

The layout and organisation of some units have been horrible, with the coordinator putting no effort into their course.

My advice to future students is: Get on top of your work and make sure you have a calendar with all of your due dates for work. No one will tell you when anything is due and this can result in you loosing lots of marks.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: I like the work associated with my major and have made friends in my broadening units. All of my classes are fairly close together and there are plenty of places to study and eat around the university

Negatives: I don’t like how I am forced to do some complimentary units that have nothing to do with my major, I just feel like this work is unnecessary and taking time from my other units

My advice to future students is: I would suggest that you make sure you are prepared to work hard before going to uni. It is also important to keep up to date with all of your work as it can easily become overwhelming

Completing in 2021

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I'm doing a psychological science major.

Positives: The course is very engaging and the tutors in a lot of the classes are very interested in having one-on-one conversations with students. They are good at connecting the course material to real life experiences which makes it easier to understand the material that you are learning.

Negatives: Depending on the tutors that you get, there can be a lot of busy work in the course. Some of it is quite beneficial, but it can be very redundant. A lot of the lecturers are also not very interested in in class participation, which can be good for some, but I find value in being able to ask questions and have discussion in class.

My advice to future students is: If you get to a point where you don't understand something, ask about it right away because it is easy to fall behind in this course and can be difficult to catch up once you're behind.

Completed in 2019

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I came to Australia in the year 2009 and my first Course in tertiary studies was Bsc Nursing. I did two years of Nursing at ECU. Nursing was an amazing course. It taught me alot about humanity and nature and ofcourse on the healthcare and healthcare system in Australia. My best practical experience was at Graylands Mental Health hospital, at where I studied and learnt in a locked mental health ward, learning to deal with severe psychotic patients. ECU was one of the best university ever, they trained us soo much.

Sadly, my aim was to be a doctor. So I moved on towards my goal and currently doing Bsc Neuroscience at UWA. This is again a different journey, at where I am given a chance to explore every parts of the brain. Neuroscience will suit a person who is into research and psychology. I am looking forward to finding cures to many mental health and nervous system disorders that have got no cures yet. Neuroscience is an intense course and mentally challenging at times.
At the end of the day, it all ends up to you, to what you’d like to become and just be focused on it.

My advice to future students is: My one advice is to aim and do your best. Obviously, you are paying lots of money to study these courses, and for that you must at least aim for a distinction. Failing is not an option and there isn’t any excuse to fail. Being at uni feels like a battlefield at times, we will reach our edge of giving up and sudden spurt of motivation. We as a student must make sure to be steady in performance at all time.

Completed in 2019

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Positives: Very good connection of theoretical and practical material! Very engaged and qualified teachers! Great learning resources!

Negatives: The field does not have the best reputation and job possibilities!

My advice to future students is: Do not finish a degree simply for the sake of it! If you feel like doing something different, just do it! UWA is a great place to study! But you are not obligated to study! Its not a necessity for success

Completed in 2018

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