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University of Western Australia - UWA ratings

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The University of Western Australia (UWA) has a main campus in Perth as well as an additional in Albany.

We have a range of advice from University of Western Australia reviews including:
Research your future industry and try to get placements/volunteering work related to it;
You need to consistently keep at your study to get the most out of it - don't fall behind;
Participate in class and speak/ask q's to lecturers and tutors wherever possible.

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Positives: The course is really practical. Most of them has lab exercises and intensive field trip. The lecturers are mostly a professional and professors who have many international journals.

Negatives: There is non standard period teaching so that you will attend courses while other staff are in their holiday. The classes between classes and labs when the beginning of the semester often happens. So we have to solve by email the coordinator one by one.

My advice to future students is: 1. Should enroll 1 month before the lectures start so that you have time to fix the timetable issue
2. Shoud read entire outline every units and how they will mark you.

Completed in 2018

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