Bachelor of Creative Arts - Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

University of Wollongong - UOW

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Course Description

The Bachelor of Creative Arts - Bachelor of Communication and Media has a strong focus on the creative industries, and encourages an understanding of how producers and consumers interact in a media saturated world. UOW connects hands-on studio production with critical reflection. This degree will equip you with a diverse set of skills including critical and creative thinking and effective communication and problem solving skills, all of which are required for high achievement in a range careers.

The Bachelor of Communication and Media degree offers students a strong foundation in the global communication and media industries. This degree has a focus on preparing students for global careers in digital and social media, visual communication design, journalism, screen media production, marketing communication, advertising and PR. Students will encounter key ideas in the study and practice of media and communications, and gain flexible and transferable skills that will prepare them for informed engagement with the changing world of global media culture.

You will also become part of the creative industries, one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. In Australia, over 600,000 people create a living from working in film; television and radio; writing and editing; recording and performing; advertising and marketing; design and visual arts; and architecture. A Creative Arts degree equips you with a sound knowledge of contemporary arts, arts theory and history within Australia and how that fits within an international context, reflecting on social, cultural and ethical issues.

Digital and Social Media
Visual Communication Design
Global Screen Media and Marketing
Communication and Advertising


Global Communications
Digital Publishing
Media Strategy and Planning
Public Relations
Market Research
Event Coordinator

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Work Integrated Learning
Undertaking a work integrated learning (WIL) experience during your university education is now a significant contributor...

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