Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) University of Wollongong - UOW

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Bachelor Honours Degree
4.0 years Full-Time
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Course Description

Engineering is vital to solving the world’s big challenges. Engineers are needed to support communities by designing and building livable sustainable cities, they create transport and housing systems, they design and build telecommunications network, the internet and computers. Engineers design systems to ensure ample clean water for the world’s population, to find non-polluting energy sources, to create ways to assist healthy living and ageing, and to advance medical and health technologies.

Engineers are team players and many become CEO’s and entrepreneurs; engineering graduates run over 30% of the world’s biggest international companies, nearly double the next largest discipline. Learn the fundamentals of engineering, both the technical and interpersonal skills, and apply your knowledge in real situations to prepare you for engineering the future with an internationally accredited UOW engineering degree.

You will study a common first year allowing you to learn more about engineering and its different fields before deciding which discipline to study. The common first year provides you with sound fundamentals in mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, computing, engineering science and communication, mechanics, materials and fluids. You then focus on your chosen major study from second year.

Your degree includes a 12-week hands-on industry placement. You may gain credit for relevant work experience, either in Australia or overseas, by participating in our Professional Options Program.

Engineers work in a variety of industries, for example: construction, mining, resources, aeronautical, electronics, engineering management, telecommunications, power generation and distribution, renewable energy, aerospace, water resource management, robotics and manufacturing, railroad and shipbuilding.


Majors include: Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Materials, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Mining and Telecommunications Engineering.


Biomedical Engineer, Computer Architect, Computer Systems Engineer, Civil Engineer, Construction Manager, Electronics Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Environmental...

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Additional Information

As an engineering student at UOW you will have access to fully-equipped laboratories and the latest computer-aided software that is used in modern ...

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Student Reviews

May 2018
Year completed 2017

I majored in Engineering.

Positives: This course gives a lot of knowledge on Engineering especially Electrical, Telecom and Computer Engineering - since it comes under SECTE (School of Electrical Telecom and Computer Engineering). During the first two years, its generic. But, as you go to third and fourth year, you will be...

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February 2018
Year completed 2020

I'm doing a major in materials

Positives are that it is a course which i am interested in and will not get bored of.

Negatives is that a lot of work and studying are involved to get high marks for a good gpa

My advice to future students is: First and second year are important because it adds to your gpa meaning high...

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