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University of Wollongong - UOW ratings

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A bit more on University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong (UOW) main campus is located approx 80kms south of Sydney in Wollongong, NSW. The Uni also has several other campuses including a Liverpool Campus (South West Sydney), Sydney Business School (Circular Quay, Sydney), regional campuses in Batemans Bay and Bega and an Innovation campus in Wollongong.

We have a range of University of Wollongong reviews from Undergraduate and Postgraduate students across varied topics including: Computer Science, Design, Commerce, Arts, Education, Engineering, Health, Nursing and Science.

Based on feedback from UOW students reviews here's what future students should consider:
Ask early if you're unsure about something;
Make group work easier and better by making friends with people you're studying with, they're not the competition;
Be active in the university community - get involved in Uni clubs, activities, societies and networking events;
Try to get hands on experience in your field while studying;
Ask plenty of questions - put your everything into class discussions;
Watch out for parking.

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Positives: interesting content
Negative: could have been a shorter course

My advice to future students is: Buy textbooks second hand

Completed in 2016

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Positives: The course content was enjoyable and interesting with a mix of assignments, presentations and exams. The subjects were varied with many options for electives.

Negatives: The subject experts were not advanced in their careers and although selective, colleagues were not driven, making group tasks difficult. Also, the postgraduate study and career options were not communicated at all.

My advice to future students is: Be sure of what you’re looking to get out of the course and seek confirmation that you will gain this from the course before beginning. I would also suggest having a limited social and work life to accomplish the requirements of this course if studying full time.

Completed in 2014

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I'm studying the bachelor of social science (psychology).

Positives: The course (so far) has provided information on many different pathways that can be taken with a psychology degree and so it is easy for you to decide what you want to do when the degree is finished as well as helping you to think about other career options. It also provides a lot of content early on in the degree about a lot of interesting things such as the parts of the brains and the way that we think.

Negatives: The only negative aspect that I have noticed is that there hasn't been much taught to us about applying our knowledge in an actual real-life job or situation. Perhaps some placement or maybe more case studies would be helpful. I have also noticed that none of the lecturers or tutors actually work as psychologists but rather researchers in the field of psychology and this may be why we have not learnt much about working in the field.

My advice to future students is: I would tell potential students that if they're 100% positive on what area of psychology they want to do they should do a bachelor of psychological science but if they are unsure the bachelor of social science (psychology) is a perfect course to help you gain insight into the different areas.

Completed in 2019

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