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Positives: My course in particular is a close knit group of about 30-40 students therefore the level of social interaction is great and I have made some friends for life. There is a good mixture of hands on and written activities throughout the course. The course provides a wide range of professional experience opportunities to prepare you for the work place and gain teaching experience as well as contacts for future employment.

Negatives: Some subjects seem rather irrelevant towards the degree for example mathematics subjects and I got graded based on my swimming ability for the bronze medallion course. Some people have grown up competent swimmers and I have rarely swam so I don’t believe it’s fair to base a grade on this score

My advice to future students is: Do this course! You will make so many amazing like minded friends and have so much fun. Your friends doing different degrees will be jealous of all the fun activities and subjects you do

Completed in 2019

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