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Positives: Positive aspects of this course - you get to learn a lot of real life industry in just 2 years. Its highly accredited. Variety of subjects are provided and will spark interest towards the degree even more

Negatives: Negative aspects - subjects could have been more major specific

My advice to future students is: Choose right subjects at right time during the degree

Completed in 2015

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I majored in Engineering.

Positives: This course gives a lot of knowledge on Engineering especially Electrical, Telecom and Computer Engineering - since it comes under SECTE (School of Electrical Telecom and Computer Engineering). During the first two years, its generic. But, as you go to third and fourth year, you will be to choose your major and focus on it. Group projects (3) help a lot in understanding a problem, analyzing and finding solutions. Moreover, the compulsory internship helps get an idea and feel of how its to work in the work field. Thesis plays another major part of the course. Supervisors are very helpful and encourage a lot

Negatives: The negative aspects in my opinion were that there were just a list of subjects offered. In my case, i wanted to choose another subject under power, something more real life application base. It was unavailable. I do think that they are offering those subjects now. Certain telecom subjects needed more interesting lecturers to be able to get through the 2 hour lecture.

My advice to future students is: It is a real good course if you are interested in it and it is highly accredited.

Completed in 2017

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I'm doing a major in materials

Positives are that it is a course which i am interested in and will not get bored of.

Negatives is that a lot of work and studying are involved to get high marks for a good gpa

My advice to future students is: First and second year are important because it adds to your gpa meaning high chances for jobs and interships

Completing in 2020

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I did the civil engineering major. One of the positive thing is that the course provides me essential skills for my career future. Besides, this course is quite hard to study.

My advice to future students is: Work hard play hard

Completed in 2018

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