Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Clinical Optometry UNSW Sydney

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Course Description

The only undergraduate Optometry program in Sydney, with a strong foundation in Vision Science.

Optometry combines the theoretical discipline of vision science with the clinical art of primary eye care. Vision science includes the optics of lenses and instruments, the physiology of the eye, the psychophysics of vision and the neuroscience of the brain.

Optometry includes the diagnosis and management of ocular disease, the dispensing of spectacles and contact lenses, the management of people with special needs (children, low vision), sports vision and vision in the workplace. Graduates of this program will be able to register as an optometrist in Australia. The degree is also recognised in New Zealand and in most parts of Asia. Job opportunities in this field are excellent and are expected to remain excellent given the high visual demands in the modern computer-based workplace, and the ageing population in Australia.

Graduates of the dual award Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Clinical Optometry will have specialised knowledge and skills for professional practice and research in Optometry and Vision Science and further learning.


Vision Science


Vision Scientist


Average ratings for Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Clinical Optometry UNSW Sydney based on 1 review
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Student Reviews

February 2018
Year completed 2018

The course administrations are quite disorganised and put a lot of stress on students. But the overall content is challenging and interesting. There are also lots of job opportunities

My advice to future students is: Be prepared for a lot of work. You also need to buy equipment so need to save money. But you make life long...

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