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Victoria University (Vic Uni or VU) has several campuses in Melbourne, including Footscray (Footscray Park & Footscray Nicholson), St Albans, several City campuses, Sunshine and in Sydney.

We have a range of Victoria University reviews from both Bachelor and Masters students across a range of topics.

Based on the VU students reviews, some of the advice they recommend includes:
Some faculties offer career advice, send through work experience and graduate opportunities;
Take on as many opportunities/experiences as the university provides;
Go out of your way to socialise with Lecturers, Tutors and classmates at Uni;
Be organised and focussed while studying so that it doesn't get away from you;
Placements can be amazing opportunities, but can be difficult to organise.

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I major in electrical and electronics engineering.

Positives: Positive aspects are the friends you get to make and team building exercises which enhance bonding. Also how the course uses up to date materials and allows us to do hands on activities

Negatives: Lecturers/teachers dont give the help students need and often ramble off topic from the original question. And the lack of relative after time classes provided

My advice to future students is: You need to work your butt off

Completing in 2023

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Positives: The campus is amazing, has amazing facilities. And provides a very hands on approach. Giving you practical experience in every unit

Negatives: There isn’t any. They even changed the structure to suit students.

My advice to future students is: Be sure to have the motivation and dedication to study

Completing in 2020

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Positives: Bachelor of Laws; covered every area of law, was able to find where my strengths and weaknesses lied and what area I was really interested in learning more about. classes were of small numbers which was fantastic as it enabled me to create a group of friends and not be lost in the crowd, smaller numbers meant we produced a closer relationship with lecturers/tutors which allowed me to receive more help and advice throughout the course. the same lecturers also took more than one class so it was lovely to have a lecturer to remembered faces and names.

Negatives: only negative was that subjects were only available once a year either semester 1 or 2, so if you missed completing a subject in a certain semester, you would have to wait the following year to complete it, this happened to me which had me a bit annoyed but there was nothing I could do. summer and winter semesters didn't have much of a variety of subject, and core usually weren't offered during these semesters, so its not ideal if you need to complete over the summer/winter periods

My advice to future students is: law at VU is fantastic I highly recommend it, they offer lots of support to students and so many ways to connect with VU, they also help students with career advice and send through emails on the regular with work experience programs and graduate programs up for offer so students can apply. they regualary have speakers come down to talk and hold many events for students in terms of their career. Lecturers come from well known institutions and corporations and are highly educated in the field.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: This course help me in clearing my concepts which are very important for my subjects and also i have never studied in uni before

Negatives: Nothing negative

Completed in 2017

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Positives: The course allowed and promoted flexibility in the duration and location of study. The university offered several locations with units offered across each campus on offer. The course sourced placements and provided longer placement durations than other universities to increase skills and experience.

The course offered the opportunity to travel overseas to complete units and placements which were easily recognised towards course completion - these included USA, Timor-Leste and a remote school in the Northern Territory. Much of these international placement experiences were funded by the university.

Negatives: The course administration at the university were not organised, nor had a sense of urgency when dealing with students. Often lectures and tutorials would be overbooked and students would be told the day before that they had been moved to different tutorials at different times. This made it particularly difficult when managing outside commitments.

The course is very much tailored to self-motivated learners as there is no accountability for not attending tutorials and lectures.

My advice to future students is: Take on as many experiences as the university provides. The course was able to provide me with many opportunities related to placement opportunities that I could only dream of and that were mostly funded by the university. The course is suited towards self-motivated individuals. Best of luck in your endeavours!

Completed in 2012

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Positives: Some of the positive attributes of my course are: • Obtain loads of placement hours, leading into experience.
• Connections which are formed with peers and educators.
• Supportive and social environment.

Negatives: Some negative attributes consist of:
• High pressure as there aren’t any exams.
• The Literacy and Numeracy test to be able to get your VIT is difficult, as we haven’t had any experience with exams.
•Admin staff.

My advice to future students is: Communicate with peers and educators, as not only will you obtain friendship.. however also have network connections for the future.
Uni is much more pleasurable when you build friendships, as you’re not alone and feel the need to give up. I believe having met certain people along my uni journey, this has truly boosted my morale. Also able to bounce of one another if you’ve got any questions or concerns

Completed in 2018

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Positives: This course was compulsory for engineering. Such course can polish basic concepts of every students

Negatives: I don’t think there are any negative aspects of this course

My advice to future students is: Just go through this course this is very helpful

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Teachers are very informative and willing.
Networks of agency and organisations regarding our prospective careers are great
Timetable is greatly planned

Negatives: Not all teachers are very understanding and complying

My advice to future students is: Have a solid ground of why you have chosen a certain course, it will keep you motivated especially in this sector.

Completed in 2019

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Victoria University has a great cultural background. You can see multicultural diversity inside the University. Lecturers are very supportive and all the lecture materials and study components are easy access via an online platform. Student advisors and the staff are very kind and solve matters ASAP. VU offers lots of fun activities to keep the students and staff entertained. Also it has a nice library which is open 24/7 during exam times and all year online. Librarians helps you to clear many of the assignment doubts and help you to do referencing and etc. they are very very supportive and friendly. However, when it comes to semester fees they are very strict and you have to pay on time to avoid penalties :)

My advice to future students is: If you can form little study groups it will help you achieve your educational goals. As per my experience you should attend the lectures and tutorials regularly to pass the units with flying colours. Also make sure to enjoy uni life! Make new friends, explore what Australia has to offer!

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Interacting with people who have the same interest regarding career as you. Also the challenge to organise your study workload and outside commitments.

Negatives: Location of campus is far away from home so travelling is an issue. Timetables as a result can be negative aspect due to the travel.

My advice to future students is: Be open minded and organise yourself!

Completed in 2015

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