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Course Description

The degree draws upon disciplinary areas such as Criminal Justice, Criminology, Psychology, Social Work and Welfare in order to provide a theoretical framework for those who work with offenders.

This degree is a specialised degree which targets a range of central themes and issues that are paramount for those who work with victims and also offenders, both in terms of their treatment and management. As well as providing a theoretical framework, the program equips our students with the knowledge and skills to develop and evaluate practice with a view to enhancing work with offenders and victims.

The Bachelor of Criminal and Community Justice can be described as an ‘applied degree’ insofar as the teaching within the program will link theory to practice. It is important to note that this degree does not guarantee direct employment into Corrective Services or related fields.

Our academics who teach in the program have had first-hand experience working directly with offenders and victims in a variety of settings including prisons, courts and a community setting. This is reflected in some of the specialised units, including Assessment and Treatment of Offenders and Managing Offenders in the Community.

Welfare, Juvenile justice worker, Research, Police


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Student Reviews

February 2018
Year completed 2019

The positive aspects of my course include: Practical subjects that I know will help me in my future endeavours after university where I will have to use my knowledge from my subjects in my career.

Negative: there are so many people in my tutorials that sometimes it is really hard to ask questions and get a proper understa...

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