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Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of Laws Western Sydney University - WSU

4.5 out of 5 from 2 reviews
Ranked #23 in our University Rankings
Bachelor Degree
5.0 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
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Course Description

The double degree program permits you to multi-skill and offers diverse career paths providing high marketability in multiple areas of expertise.

The Bachelor of Laws provides you with professional legal skills including the ability to analyse legal material and understand fundamental legal principles; an understanding of the relationship between law and society; the skills to analyse and solve non-legal problems and specialised study into the Australian legal system.

You will be encouraged to choose from more than one of the social sciences, to allow for your personal and occupational interests, and to prepare you to extend your studies at the major and sub-major levels.
Law units are available at Campbelltown and Parramatta campuses. Social Science units are available at various campuses (mainly Bankstown and Kingswood), depending on the units chosen.

Solicitor or barrister
Criminal prosecutor
Human rights advocate
Corporate legal advisor in the banking or finance industries
Legal advisor to an interest...

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of Laws Western Sydney University - WSU based on 2 reviews
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Student Reviews

July 2018
Year completed 2022

Positives: The course is amazing, I was told before I started that it would not only challenge me but would push me to my limits and they could not be any more correct. Studying a mixture of law and social science has both challenged me and pushed me to my limits.

Studying law really creates the feeling of studying with a ...

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April 2018
Year completed 2021

The positive aspects are that it definitely is really interesting and it has made me open my eyes about a lot of topics that are not really addressed that much within society, for example family violence.

These degrees combined work really well together as social science addresses a lot of problems and Law shows the other...

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